Chocolate Café

Welcome to Chokola bean to bar. We are Taos’s small-batch, bean to bar chocolate maker. We start with the cacao bean. We use only the finest natural ingredients that are organic and ethically sourced. Here in our sop we make our sources and our whole process fully transparent for our customers. Our goal is to bring you fine flavors of chocolate while providing farmers fair profits and preserving biodiversity. We craft our chocolate with love, dedication, and attention to detail. Chokola fine chocolate product are good for the planet and great for the palate and soul.

Chocolate Cafe

Chokola Bean to Bar is a small-batch, crafted, bean-to-bar chocolate maker in historic Taos, New Mexico, where at 7000ft the high desert meets the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky Mountain.

Every morning, the pure Alpine air is laced with the rich aroma of our freshly roasted cacao beans, inviting Taosenos and visitors to our Chokola store on Juan Large Lane, just off the placa.

By ethically sourcing beans of the highest quality and by crafting small, select batches, we follow the bean to bar process to bring out each bean's uniuqe,, nuanced flavors and aromas, yielding our premium single oriin chocolate bars.

Chocolates + Pastries + Coffee

The concept of our Cafe is a "Dessert Restauraunt". Sit and enjoy pastries, mouuse, ice cream, milkshakes, truffles, sipping chocolate. Coffee and cold drinks.