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Single Origin Bars

All of our single-origin chocolate is made with just cocoa beans and sugar; no added cocoa butter, lecithin, or vanilla. Our chocolate is free of soy, dairy, eggs, and gluten, and it is made in a factory that does not process nuts.

Our simple steps from Bean to Bar
The Process
The Farm
The cacao beans we acquire are sourced from farmers or a network of small-holder farming families from a single farm or estate or district of a single country—hence the term “single-origin chocolate.” Selecting cacao beans from a specific farm or farming collectives of a small area helps ensure the highest quality of cacao bean and an equitable price for the farmers, yielding cacao with distinct flavors due to environment and timing of fermentation.
Two main harvests occur throughout the year to harvest the most flavorful cacao tree pods which take up to six months to mature. The fruit and seeds (cacao beans) of the cacao pods are scooped out for fermentation.
Fermentation removes the residual pulp from the cacao seeds, reduces the bitterness of bulk cacao and allows the chocolate aroma molecules to develop, enabling the aroma, flavor, and color of the beans to be realized during roasting. Fermentation lasts from a few days up to a week depending on the properties of the cacao bean, with the temperature of the mass between 45-50*C.
Drying enables acids to evaporate and reduces moisture from 40-60% to 6-7% in order to assist in avoiding the development of mold. It will reduce volatile acids and total polyphenols and increase some aroma molecules. Drying lasts from at least 48 hours up to seven days. Sun drying is the most common form of drying in the Americas and Africa. Drying’s release of acids and prevention of mold affects the ultimate flavor of the cacao bean. Once the cacao beans are fermented and sun dried, they are carefully packed for shipping to the bean to bar chocolate makers—to Chokolá!
Hand Sorting
When the cacao beans arrive we check the fermentation level to determine roasting levels. Before roasting we hand sort the selection to carefully remove the unhealthy and broken cacao beans. This attention to detail in the process will ensure less bitterness and more beauty in the flavors.
Once we have sorted, we roast the cacao bean very low and slow. This process adds a second developing flavor profile, one that makes chocolate one of the richest taste experiences in the world.
Once the cacao beans are roasted, we separate the shell from the bean in a process called winnowing. In winnowing, when the roasted seeds are crushed, the testa or outside casing or shell of the cacao bean easily falls off the cacao kernel or nib that remains. Then air separates shell from nib, vacuuming the lighter outer casing into an attached sack while the heavier nibs fall into a separate container.
Stone Grinding
We then place the winnowed cacao nibs in a stone grinding machine to mill, or grind, them into paste and then into liquid form; we then add organic unrefined sugar. This grinding process, plus further refining or conching the mix, takes three to five days, and improves both the texture and flavor of the chocolate.
After refining, the chocolate is poured into pans, cooled, and the cooled chocolate blocks are allowed to age for at least 30 days to ground the flavors, allowing the flavors to mellow so the chocolate achieves its flavor profile.
Tempering, reheating and then cooling the chocolate poured into bar molds, enables the cocoa butter component of chocolate to crystallize into a form that gives each molded chocolate bar a beautiful glossy dark monotone form overall. The well-tempered bar yields a smooth, creamy texture as it releases its flavor.

Heirloom cacao beans are the jewels of the cacao tree, yielding the finest flavor. They are endowed with the historic, cultural, botanical, geographic and flavor values that are the foundation of the best tasting chocolate.

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